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Sustainability Week aims to teach USC students greener habits is your source for free news and information in Columbia and the Midlands.

University of South Carolina students learned how to contribute to saving the environment Monday while also helping their own bank accounts as Sustainability Week began on campus.

Sustainable Carolina staffers show students how to make their own cleaning products (photo by Allen Wallace)

Sustainable Carolina staffers show students how to make their own cleaning products. (photo by Allen Wallace)

The weeklong event is organized by Sustainable Carolina, a student-led collaborative project aimed at making the campus more environmentally sustainable.

Monday’s event was held on the Russell House patio and featured free lessons for students on recycling household items into something new instead of sending them to the trash.

Students were shown how to turn old T-shirts into shopping bags and how to make their own fabric softener and all-purpose cleaner from nothing but water, vinegar and lemon juice.

The demonstration table was busy, and Sustainable Carolina staff member Ari Robbins said she was pleased with the turnout and hoped word would spread.

“Recycling is something everyone can be part of. It’s not just something hippie people do,” she said.

Events are scheduled throughout the week, and more information can be found at Sustainable Carolina’s website.


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